With a vision to bring the unique tastes and vibes of Africa to Australia, all with a focus on using locally-sourced ingredients.

Meet Chef Alick

Alick was born and raised in Zimbabwe, in the Southern Region of Africa, where he trained as a chef. He relocated to Australia more than a decade and a half ago, bearing the dream of creating a truly culinary African experience for diversity and sharing.

Drawing inspiration from his African upbringing, Alick was always amazed at how meal times in rural Africa were a celebration of what binds people together and an experience in exploring and sampling the richness of naturally nutritious home-made meals.

Over the last twenty years, whilst working in various kitchens abroad, Alick would cook and prepare many different dishes, using recipes from countries all over the world. It was during these times that he realised how much he missed the traditional African food that his grandmother would prepare for him and his cousins, which they shared together whenever they visited her.

The nearby fields in the rural areas were the equivalent of a grocery store; vegetables were bountiful and meat was available every day. Everything was fresh and was cooked slowly on the woodfire, giving it a smoky taste. Alick can still remember the taste of the flavoursome beef stew, as if it were only yesterday.

He can recall the fireside stories, the village grapevine, the music and dancing, which was all part of celebrating the culinary delights of Africa.

Africanfoodfeasts seeks to connect diasporas to their African roots, as well as inviting others to come and celebrate a truly unique African meal experience.

Chef Alick brings decades of cooking, catering and hospitality knowledge to complement your special occasion, allowing you to entertain with a difference. His creations promise fabulous food that will leave you and your guests wanting more.

Not only will Alick prepare delicious food for everyone, he also loves providing an opportunity for you to connect with loved ones and enjoy getting to know new friends better. It’s time to let AfricanFoodFeasts spoil you.

Savour a selection of some of the best dishes from Africa, combining contemporary and traditional African cuisine.

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