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Welcome to African Cuisine Cooking Course

Where you can learn the basics of African cooking from the comfort of your own home or in-person! Our course is designed to introduce you to the diverse flavors and ingredients of African cuisine, with a focus on the regents of South Africa, East Africa, West Africa, and North Africa.

Over the course of 5 days, you will learn how to make 8 traditional African dishes with a slow pace cooking method that will help you master each recipe. Each lesson will be 90-120 minutes long and conducted over Zoom, allowing you to interact with your instructor and fellow students in real-time

African Cuisine cooking course

Our course is designed for both beginners and experienced cooks who are looking to expand their culinary repertoire. No prior experience is required - just a passion for food and a willingness to learn!

Learn the basics of African cuisine

In this course, you will learn the fundamental techniques and ingredients used in African cooking, giving you the foundation to create delicious and authentic dishes.

Explore the flavors of Africa's regions

You will have the opportunity to discover the unique and diverse culinary traditions of Africa's four regions - south, east, west, and north - by preparing eight traditional dishes.

Slow-paced cooking

This course is designed for those who enjoy taking their time in the kitchen. With 90-120 minute lessons, you can immerse yourself in the cooking process and savor the aromas and flavors of Africa.

Small class sizes

To ensure personalized attention and guidance, we limit our online classes to eight students and our in-person classes to twelve students. This allows our experienced chef instructor to offer individual support and feedback.

Affordable and accessible

Our online course costs just $179 for the full program, making it an affordable and accessible way to learn African cooking from the comfort of your own home. If you prefer to attend in-person classes, each lesson costs only $139

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What our customers are saying about us!

I had such a great experience meeting Alick and his wife and cooking with them. They are such lovely people which made the whole experience so special. highly recommend this to anyone looking for a fun and relaxed learning experience.
Cooking Class
Aleck is fabulous at teaching novice cooks. His patience and thorough explanation makes replicating meals a breeze. His enthusiasm to bring traditional Zimbabwean meals, from his homeland as well as other African countries, alive is inspiring.
Helen M
Cooking Class
Truly divine food that is full of flavour! Alick created a wide variety of yummy vegetarian dishes that my whole family enjoyed, would love to experience again. Every one of Alick’s dishes were authentic and delicious, and just as good as our experiences with food when travelling in Africa.
Trish G
Catering Client

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